• Conductive Polymer Type

    This produces small, thin and high-capacity products by using small-particle tantalum powder and a product structure with high volumetric efficiency.
    In production, Samsung Electro-Mechanics' specialized process technology is applied to result in lower interfacial resistance between dissimilar materials.

    Mobile & Portable Device, Home Appliance & Digital Equipment etc, Decoupling, By-Pass, Smoothing, Back-Up
    Internal Cathode Layers
    Polymer layers are formed in small pores in a dense and
    uniform manner.
    External Cathode Layers
    Uniform cathode layers
    Reduces contact resistance by realizing high adhesion between cathode layers

    Dielectrics: Ta2O5, Anode: Ta, Cathode: Conductive polymer

    • Figure. Schematic Structure of Polymer Tantalum Capacitor


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