Mass Production Automotive AEC-Q200 2T Lineup Normal 150 Derating B RoHS REACH

"#" indicates a package code.

List of part numbers with package codes


※ If the packaging code is Z or R, the horizontal package type (HMC) is applied to reduce the acoustic noise.



Size table
Size Code 0805 (2012)
L Size 2.00±0.25mm
W Size 1.25±0.25mm
T Size 1.25±0.25mm
Features Normal


Size table
Temperature Characteristic X8M(-55 ~ +150)
Capacitance 10.0uF
Tolerance ±10%
Rated Voltage 16.0Vdc
Status Mass Production
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Package Code : Last # of The Part Number

Size table
Code Type Reel Remark
C/8/H Cardboard 7" Normal (Q'ty option)
J 1mm pitch
Z Horizontal aligned (Low Acoustic)
Y Vertical aligned
O 10" Normal
3/D/L 13" Normal (Q'ty option)
2 1mm pitch
7 Vertical aligned
5/E/G Embossed 7" Normal (Q'ty option)
R Horizontal aligned (Low Acoustic)
W Vertical aligned
S 10" Normal
F 13" Normal